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About Russell

Russell Wahl is a skilled entrepreneur and 10X Business Coach who established a self-sustaining multimillion-dollar business in under three years. He now dedicates his expertise to helping trade business owners who are trapped in the demanding cycle of physical labor and long hours and are seeking more balance and enjoyment.
By coaching blue-collar business owners on essential team-building skills, Russell empowers them to transition from hands-on, hammer-wielding roles to strategic phone-handling positions. He teaches clients updated trades business mindsets, dynamic company culture, and effective employee incentives tailored specifically for the trades industry. With Russell’s guidance, trade entrepreneurs can expect increased profits, freedom of time, and newfound business success by working smarter, not harder.
Russell is on a mission to help 10,000 business owners step out of their self-employed roles and evolve into true entrepreneurs.


“Hiring Russell for the past year has made me push myself to want more and realize I can achieve any goal I put in front of me. From the first time I talked to him on the phone, he somehow made me realize that while I was satisfied and felt secure at my job, I was settling for less. I knew I could do much more if I let myself become uncomfortable in order to grow and achieve more. I gave my boss a two-week notice right then and there. After being coached by Russell for a little over a year, I have increased my income considerably and advanced my career. I’m not even close to being done. I don’t ever want to be satisfied ever again! Thank you, Russell.”
— Michael Spencer
“As my coach over the past year, Russell has led me to learn about myself in several aspects of my life, including looking beyond this day and even this week. I have started looking into the next 5-10 years and have become more confident in my self-worth and ability to take on bigger tasks, putting myself in situations I would have never interacted with before. I now know that my ability to perform under pressure far exceeds what I thought I was capable of, and my thought process is stronger. I am also more clear-headed and have learned to think before I act when dealing with any frustrations. Being able to do so has not only benefited me with my professional life but also my home life. It has helped me build a deeper connection with my wife and son. I look forward to the future!”
— Richard Lindsay
“Russell has helped me gain clarity in my goals and dreams and also made me realize that my goals are not big enough. Russell is truly the best coach I have ever worked with. Russell cares about each and every client and wants them to be successful in all areas of our lives: professional, personal, and financial. If you’re looking to grow, learn, be successful, and are willing to get uncomfortable to accomplish your goals, then Russell is the right coach for you!”
— Nayeli Marquez

Speaking Topic

From Tools To Triumph: Mastering The Trades Business Chaos

Running a trade business can be overwhelming. You have to deal with long hours onsite, tedious contract paperwork, and no personal time. Russell Wahl, a successful business coach and construction contractor, shows you how to overcome this chaos. He reveals his proven strategies and personal experiences to help you master the complexities of running a trade business and reclaim your time and freedom. Attendees will discover practical ways to boost profitability, create efficient systems that are tailored for trade businesses, and turn a chaotic construction business into a well-oiled machine that can build penthouses for you, not for others.

Note To Meeting Planners

A Master Coach For Trade Entrepreneurs

Russell is a successful entrepreneur and 10X Business Coach who knows how to turn a struggling trade business into a thriving self-running enterprise. He shares his proven strategies and tactics to help your attendees build winning teams, increase profits, and achieve more freedom and satisfaction in their businesses.
Russell Wahl built a self-sustaining multimillion-dollar business in under three years. He is now on a mission to help 10,000 business owners escape self-employed status and become true entrepreneurs.

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