Sabine Kvenberg

Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host, Communication And Confidence Coach

About Sabine

Sabine Kvenberg, host of the acclaimed BECOME podcast and a best-selling author, is a distinguished Fredericksburg Entrepreneur of the Year dedicated to enhancing the communication prowess of female entrepreneurs. A former actress and director in Europe, Sabine relocated to the US, pioneering a performing arts school that she helmed for over 27 years. Equipped with innovative tools and strategies, Sabine helps entrepreneurs and CEOs master their presentation skills and eradicate the public speaking jitters.
Sabine is on a mission to empower one million entrepreneurs to become excellent communicators so they can share their mission and message to make a positive impact and improve the world by 2028.


“I have achieved so much just in the few weeks we worked together. Sabine helped me to get clarity and create actionable steps to get where I wanted to go. Finally, I have more confidence, can better connect with my audience, and am growing my list of people who want my service. Her coaching was instrumental in my success.”
— Susy Buttress
“Days 1 and 2 were both amazing. I feel so blessed to learn from the vivacious Sabine.”
— Sally Lee
“Taking Sabine’s program gave me clarity and I became more confident in presenting my offers. Sabine coached me on how I can improve. Learning the skills Sabine taught helped me as a new entrepreneur to better communicate with my audience. Now I have more confidence to step up and do it.”
— Shawn Pelletier
“I have had the honor of knowing Sabine Kvenberg for several years. She is a talented performer and consummate professional. Whatever Sabine does in her professional life, she does with grace, honesty, passion, and purpose. Through her workshops and programs, Sabine invites her audience to experience compassion, joy, and peace. Her music resonates with these qualities, as does her lessons about living a successful life. She is a living example of all she teaches.”
— Marsha Grimsley

Speaking Topic

Speaking: Your Most Potent Marketing Tool (Don't Let It Slip Away)

In the landscape of personal branding, harnessing the power of public speaking is not just an option — it’s a necessity. Join Sabine as she reveals how to turn your public speaking skills into a formidable sales tool. Discover strategies that go beyond rhetoric, empowering you to seamlessly convert every speaking opportunity into a gateway for acquiring new clients and making impactful sales. As the session concludes, participants will not only understand the influential role of public speaking in marketing but will also possess the strategic insights to elevate their speaking prowess into a covert sales advantage.
Helping One Million Entrepreneurs Communicate Better And Change The World By 2028
As the host of the popular BECOME podcast and a best-selling author, Sabine Kvenberg is a renowned Fredericksburg Entrepreneur of the Year who helps female entrepreneurs master communication skills. Her vision is to empower one million entrepreneurs to communicate excellently and use their mission and message to change the world for the better by 2028.

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