Sam Mathews

CEO And Founder Of MStar Corp, Consultant, Speaker

About Sam

Sam Mathews is the CEO and Founder of MStar Corp, a renowned global IT-managed solutions company. With an impressive career spanning over four decades, Sam has dedicated the past two decades serving the healthcare and higher education sectors, orchestrating transformative projects with individual budgets ranging from $20MM to $100MM+ and managing teams of 150 employees or more. His unwavering commitment lies in assisting organizations in efficiently managing their crucial customer applications, addressing the persistent challenges of limited budgetary resources and the need for reliable IT support. Sam firmly believes in providing cost-effective solutions that are not only easily implementable but also sustainable for long-term success, revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

Sam is on a mission to help one million higher education & healthcare institutions serve their communities and create a ripple effect of efficiency and high-level care by 2033.


“Sam Mathews demonstrates sound leadership and character,  always advocating for what’s best for the client. His holistic approach and keen sense of detail were instrumental for us during a major database and applications migration and were nothing short of producing high-quality output. He’s able to maintain high-functioning day-to-day operations among all services while translating our strategic vision into tangible results.”  


“Sam Mathews places high value toward service, leadership, and quality in all that he does. Sam’s drive to stay current on the latest trends regarding his discipline and design methodologies is only one of many exceptional qualities he possesses. Communication, project management, self-motivation, and timeliness are just a few of his core strengths. His charismatic personality allows him to forge strong relationships centered around trust both professionally and personally, and he is committed to preserving them.”


“As an institute of higher education, it is imperative in our industry that the resources we utilize are highly efficient and reliable. Mr. Mathews ensured that our Student Information System performed at optimal levels, ensuring the efficiency and productivity of this system supported our student and faculty needs. Mr. Mathews was a valuable asset to our campus.”


“I have worked closely with Sam Mathews over the last two years and have found him to be dependable, thoughtful, and considerate. Among his many excellent qualities is his ability to exhibit communication skills. I have the highest respect for him and consider him a trusted friend.”


Speaking Topics

Empowering Institutions: Top 3 Strategies To Improve Student Retention

In this captivating keynote presentation, Sam Mathews unveils a game-changing blueprint to conquer the challenges of managing student applications while enhancing retention rates. Drawing on his extensive experience, Sam shares his top 3 strategies meticulously crafted to not only attract and retain students but also reduce attrition within educational institutions. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into proven techniques for achieving long-term student loyalty, fostering continuous enrollment growth, and creating a thriving academic community, all while optimizing resources and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. Prepare to revolutionize your approach to student retention and witness remarkable results that transcend mere budgetary constraints.

Breaking The Mold: Top 3 Strategies To Boost Student Attraction In Higher Education

In a dynamic and competitive education landscape, attracting students is crucial for the success and reputation of any institution. In this captivating keynote talk, Sam Mathews unveils three powerful strategies that will revolutionize student attraction for universities and institutions of all sizes. Attendees will discover innovative practices to build a highly skilled ERP team within their budget, deliver exceptional services to students, and optimize costs without compromising quality, ensuring sustainable growth and a thriving institution.

Revolutionizing Healthcare And Higher Education: Empowering Institutions To Thrive

With a wealth of experience spanning four decades, Sam is dedicated to empowering to empowering the healthcare and higher education sectors, leading projects with substantial budgets ranging from $20MM to $100MM+ and overseeing teams of 150 or more. Now, his mission is to catalyze the transformation of one million higher education and healthcare institutions, igniting a ripple effect of operational efficiency and exceptional care that resonates within their communities by 2033.

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