Sandy Srivastava

Founder of Cascade Health, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Speaker

About Sandy

Sandy Srivastava is a Vibrational Sound Therapist, Reiki Master, and Founder of Cascade Health. She has helped dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners who are stressed, frustrated, and struggling to make decisions in business and life.
Her unique approach uses the technology and science of sound and instruments coupled with the ancient practices of meditation and deep breathing to bring clients to a state of relaxation. She does this while cultivating new life skills to handle the stressors of everyday life. Working with Sandy leaves clients feeling a sense of calm and peace that many have been yearning for their entire lives and helps them rise to the next steps so they can reach their full potential.
Sandy Srivastava is on a mission to raise 10,000 people’s frequencies and energy so they can reach their goals, have success, and feel fulfilled in their lives by 2032.


“The rhythmic healing vibrations of Sandhya’s sound activate my third eye, brought spiritual healing peacefully and powerfully to widen my meditation experiences, but also allow me to concentrate during chakra meditation. This program helps erase my subconscious negativity and is therefore ideal to balance and center myself on my spiritual journey. Her sound healings also encourage me to reduce my stress levels and open the doors to higher coping skills. Use this relaxing seminar and let the healing begin. Great job!”
— Carolyn Reid
“I would like to share my experience working with Sandhya D. Srivastava. It was towards the end of April that my father-in-law passed away in the hospital due to Covid19. The pain was so deep and unbearable that at any given moment I would just let go a river of tears like it was my own father. The grief was so unimaginable that anyone who called me I just couldn’t help it. In sharing my experiences in one group we belong she offered me a sound healing Mp3 for dealing with grief. All it took was maybe one listening to it and lo and behold I felt so great that all the emotional release and anything associated with his passing was healed until this day 10 months later. Sandhya’s free gift was something I will cherish always and I will highly recommend to anyone dealing with grief issues or anything else for that matter to give it a try and see for yourself how powerful her sound healing modality can help in any area of your lives. Thank you so much Sandy for the gift and generosity and divine blessings and gratitude for all that you bring to humanity! Best Regards.”
— Luis Peterson
“Cascade health, I can honestly tell you, I would recomend this service to anyone I know. She gets right down to your soul vibration. Sandhya will give you a profound, Energetic, harmonization experience and will balance your energy and heal negative energy into your field . I was so relaxed afterwards and ready for anything. Sandhya is full of love and compassion with her sound healing. I most certainly feel this is her mission in life, to be the best sound healer in this lifetime.”
— Karen LaGrange of Amana Iowa
“Thank you for all you do. Honestly if wasn’t for your free sessions during lockdown I’d go possibly crazy. You kept me sane! As far as pain reduction goes it’s still there wrist and knee but lit less in a scale of 1 to 10 I’d say 6 before was 8. As an athlete, I’m always in some kind of pain so it helped with that also. Much better. Thank you so much. You’re a beacon of light🙏”
— Maja Bagdanovic
“Love Sandy as a person, she is authentic and love embodied, and her work is amazing, her sound healing is powerful, every time I listen to her work, it goes to exactly the part that needs healing at that time, I feel emotions in the body so its lovely to witness what happens when the healing happens. I must confess it’s so soothing that most of the time I sleep even after a session is done. I would recommend her work anytime, thank you for your work, Sandy.”
— Gao Motsemme

Speaking Topics

3 Powerful Strategies To Create Rest, Relief, And Relaxation In Your Life

For women who want to move away from anxiety, stress, and frustration in their decision-making to relaxation, relief, and optimal choice decisions for their families and businesses – Sandy has 3 natural strategies anyone can implement as a solution. Her strategies help calm the brain into sleep, helps stimulate relaxation from stress in the body and mind and change the use of pharmaceutical products which trick the body to believe they are well. Audience members will learn how to implement sound, deep breathing, and personalized meditations to create a sense of calm, and help heal one’s health, relationships, and business.

Harnessing The Power Of Sound: The Untapped Tool To Achieve Peace In Your Life

Using sound and instruments with meditation and deep breathing creates relaxation and brings about a sense of calm and peace that many have been yearning for in their lives to thrive and rise to the next steps. In her talk, Sandy reveals how to tap into the underutilized tool of sound to instantly transform your life.
Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
Feel relief from the chaos in your life so you can truly rest and feel a sense of peace.

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