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Sgaan Dutheil uses an established method and customized processes to set real estate investors on the path to financial freedom. He has grown his own company’s investment portfolio from 57 units to over 900 in just over 2 years!

Sgaan Dutheil

In just over 2 years, Sgaan Dutheil has grown his company’s real estate investment portfolio from 57 units to over 900!
Sgaan Dutheil is the founder and CEO of Raising Wealth Properties. In just over 2 years, he has led the company’s meteoric rise from 57 multifamily units to over 900! He specializes in assisting busy small business owners, retirees, and investors, focusing on well-vetted investment opportunities in the housing market. His innovative strategies create opportunities for his clients to compound their wealth while also making a meaningful difference in battling the housing crisis.


“If you haven’t had a chance to sit and talk about investments or business with Sgaan, you will be BLOWN away! With an addictive energy and incredible knowledge, he has a pure determination that only a real professional with a true internal hunger for success can provide! He walks the walk and delivers beyond any expectation he sets in a professional yet direct manner. If you aren’t working with him now, it’ll definitely be a lot harder to get in to his inner circle in a few years! Highly recommended!”
— Matt, Investor
“What truly sets Sgaan apart is his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value to his investors. My investment not only brought me a remarkable return, but it also allowed me to be part of something greater. Through Sgaan’s vision, we are able to provide much-needed homes to families in our communities, and that sense of giving back is priceless.”
— Elnora, Investor
“I had the pleasure of working with Sgaan. The value he brought to the table was finding an undervalued property. I wouldn’t hesitate to do another deal with him.”
— Jorian, Private Investor

Speaking Topic

Stop Throwing Darts: Investing With Precision In Real Estate

This session is your blueprint for developing a strategy using “calculated moves” to grow your real estate investments into an empire. Sgaan shares the Seven Strategy Checklist that he has used to make millions in the real estate world. You will gain insights into how to find good investment deals in any market. Get ready to take your real estate investing to a whole new level!

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