Sgaan Dutheil

Founder And CEO Of Raising Wealth Properties

About Sgaan

Sgaan Dutheil, the visionary founder and CEO of Raising Wealth Properties, has led the company’s remarkable growth from 57 to over 900 multifamily units in development within just two years. Dedicated to providing tailored solutions to small business owners, retirees, and investors, Sgaan specializes in guiding individuals toward sound, significant investments by allowing them the time they need for careful consideration.
Beyond financial success, Sgaan is deeply committed to a meaningful cause, having contributed to creating over $2 billion worth of homes for those in need. This distinctive approach not only empowers his clients to build lasting wealth but also enables them to play a vital role in addressing the housing crisis, finding fulfillment in making a positive impact on people’s lives while fostering generational prosperity.


“I had the pleasure of working with Sgaan. The value he brought to the table was finding an undervalued property. I wouldn’t hesitate to do another deal with him.”
— Jorian, Private Investor
“What truly sets Sgaan apart is his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value to his investors. My investment not only brought me a remarkable return, but it also allowed me to be part of something greater. Through Sgaan’s vision, we are able to provide much-needed homes to families in our communities, and that sense of giving back is priceless.”
— Elnora, Investor
“If you haven’t had a chance to sit and talk about investments or business with Sgaan, you will be BLOWN away! With an addictive energy and incredible knowledge, he has a pure determination that only a real professional with a true internal hunger for success can provide! He walks the walk and delivers beyond any expectation he sets in a professional yet direct manner. If you aren’t working with him now, it’ll definitely be a lot harder to get in his inner circle in a few years! Highly recommended!”
— Matt, Investor

Speaking Topics

Trust In Real Estate:
A Millionaire’s Blueprint For Bridging Trust, Finding Great Deals, And Achieving End Goals

In this engaging session tailored for individuals, business owners, and investors eager to transform their financial trajectories, attendees will gain insights into quality real estate investments. The discussion navigates the evolving real estate industry, offering guidance on identifying trustworthy opportunities and crafting effective financial plans for long-term success and security. Harnessing a practical strategy for wealth-building, participants will not only embark on their journey from aspiration to achievement, but they will also establish a lasting influence on society. They’ll discover how to start living their dream while leaving a meaningful legacy behind.

Trust, Deal Discovery, And Goal Management:
Key Ingredients To Your Real Estate Legacy

Aspiring real estate investors and entrepreneurs, this address is dedicated to you — especially if you’ve felt overwhelmed by the intricacies of real estate investment. Throughout this talk, you’ll unravel ways to identify trustworthy players, spot fantastic investment opportunities, and plot practical end goals that promise higher returns. By the end, you’ll have a distinct roadmap to financial triumph through real estate, poised to craft a life and business harmony that blends heightened financial returns with a serene lifestyle. This journey leaves an indelible mark on societal lives, offering both personal fulfillment and impactful contributions to the community.

Securing Your Financial Future In A Fast-Paced World:
A New Approach To Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Delve into the labyrinth of real estate investing in unpredictable times with this enlightening session, tailored for visionary individuals and businesses seeking a robust strategy to safeguard and converge their wealth with lasting societal benefits. Post-talk, you’ll emerge equipped with profound knowledge, steadfast confidence, and essential tools to embark on your multifamily real estate investment journey. Buckle up to transition your life and business into a force reckoning with formidable challenges, creating sustainable wealth, providing homes to those in need, and leaving a transformative legacy of financial empowerment.

Note To Meeting Planners

A Trusted Authority In The Finance Industry

Through Sgaan’s visionary leadership and commitment to impactful investment strategies, your audience will benefit from financial gains. More importantly, they will be assured that their investments directly impact the people in their communities.
Raising Wealth Properties
Sgaan’s passion lies in creating lasting wealth for his clients and contributing to a more meaningful cause. During his career, he has facilitated over $2 billion in homes for those in need. Sgaan is on a mission to build 5,000 units over the next ten years so that he can make a lifelong impact on the lives of over 14,000 people.

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