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Personal Branding & Leadership Expert For Entrepreneurs

About Shaan

Shaan Rais, known as “Dr. Brand,” is a master at elevating leaders ready to take it to the next level into standout personal brands. With three master’s degrees and nearly two doctoral distinctions, Shaan also boasts an impressive business track record, generating $450K in under 90 days and $2M online in less than two years. He zeroes in on assisting leaders, particularly those ready to rise, in breaking through the barriers of obscurity and low confidence. Through targeted personal branding and leadership development, Shaan catalyzes competence into unmistakable confidence, guiding clients to enhanced clarity, confidence, and significant income leaps.

Shaan is on a mission to help 100,000 entrepreneurs increase their visibility, credibility, and profitability by 2034. 


“Shaan reminds me of another mentee of mine, Daymond John. They both came from a poor and hard scrabble background and rose to do phenomenal things.”

– Jay Abraham, The Godfather Of Marketing

“It is my pleasure to recommend Shaan Rais’ framework to you. If you’re already on the path or just starting out, Shaan can help to light the way ahead!”

– Eric Thomas, Number 1 Motivational Speaker And CEO Of ETA

“Shaan Rais is the epitome of leadership and personal branding! He will inspire, invigorate, and motivate your audience, galvanizing your workforce and transforming your bottom line as an individual and/or a company. He is always a phenomenal keynote speaker.”

– Kendall Ficklin, CEO Of Kendall Ficklin & Associates

Speaking Topic

Innovate Your Identity: The New Age Methodology Of Personal Branding For Leaders

In a landscape where attention is the currency of success, Shaan Rais stands at the forefront, arming a cadre of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives with the arsenal needed to forge personal brands that echo their deepest visions and core values. This talk delves into how entrepreneurs can escalate their visibility, influence, and profitability by aligning their personal accountability with their business missions. Attendees will learn how to turn their unique stories and backgrounds into their most substantial assets, fostering organic connections that multiply their business success.

Note To Meeting Planners

The Brand Builder Who Turns Leaders Into Icons

Dr. Shaan Rais, the “Brand Builder,” transforms hidden gems into industry icons, helping leaders transcend obscurity and self-doubt. Your attendees will gain the clarity, confidence, and strategic branding insights needed to skyrocket their influence and income.

Shaan Rais Media

Over the past seven years, Shaan has been the beacon for countless individuals, helping them amplify their earnings and influence with his personal branding expertise. He’s on a mission to elevate 100,000 entrepreneurs, enhancing their market presence and scaling their enterprises by the year 2034.

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