Shanan Essick

Founder Of PEARLFECTIONIST(A), Coach, Speaker

About Shanan

Shanan Essick is the founder of PEARLFECTIONIST(A), a company that helps ambitious professionals who are the first high-earners in their families create their dream lives. She knows the challenges and opportunities that come with being a first-generation high-earner, as she was the first in her family to attend college and earn degrees from Columbia University and Northwestern University. She has built a successful career in finance, education, and entrepreneurship, and now she wants to share her secrets with others. Her company specializes in helping clients build wealth, understand taxes, prevent financial loss, and find profitable opportunities that align with their values and financial goals.
Shanan is on a mission to expand the wealth in the middle class by empowering 100,000 young professionals to advance their careers while impacting others and creating financial abundance for generations to come by 2033. Shanan Essick is the coach you need if you want to turn your income into a legacy!


“The ROI on this is incredible! Thank you for democratizing this information! It’s really hard to learn this stuff in a straightforward manner. This is a game-changer for sure!”
— Oscar O., Senior Manager, Sales
“I feel a lot more confident in starting my own business (I am currently operating as a sole proprietorship, but I plan to set up an LLC). The program helped me to be diligent about tracking and categorizing all of my expenses. I will continue to study the materials provided as well as the tax code so I can properly include my expenses on my tax return, and (when the time comes) properly pay my taxes quarterly once my business is profitable. I had no knowledge of these concepts prior to this course, and I am immensely grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained.”
— Leah J., BigLaw Lawyer-turned-Solopreneur
“I had just paid an unexpected tax bill despite withholding taxes as married filing jointly. The knowledge [Shanan] shared helped me to speak with understanding on the importance of advance directives and estate planning for LGBT elders. I don’t have words sufficient to fully thank [Shanan] for the information shared. [Shanan is] out here breaking generational cycles of financial hardship.”
— Kylie M., Senior Director
“This is truly clutch.”
— Tiffany S., Lead, Global Strategic Accounts

Speaking Topic

4 Secrets To Make Money And Leverage The Tax System Of The Wealthy On A Middle-Class Budget.

Many high-earning professionals are not satisfied with their financial situation. They have followed conventional advice, but still don’t have the time or money to create their dream life. They are overworked, overwhelmed by their bills, and worried about losing everything in a crisis. But there is a better way! In her talk, Shanan reveals the four secrets to making money and leveraging the tax system of the wealthy while living on a middle-class budget. Attendees will discover how to build and keep wealth with a simple process to understand the tax system, tools to protect their money earned and saved, and strategies to leverage their existing experiences and skills to create more profitable opportunities.
Helping The Middle Class Create A Legacy Of Abundance
Shanan is a coach who helps high-earning business professionals, create their dream life. Her vision is to increase the wealth of the middle class by helping 100,000 young professionals advance their careers, make a difference, and create a legacy of abundance by 2033.

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