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Founders Of Excalibre Investments of Texas of LLC, Real Estate Investing Coaches

About Sharon and Dan

Over her career, Sharon Riddle has worked in companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. She has provided business solutions in the areas of software upgrades and business process analyses and has conducted best business practice research for over 30 years. Sharon began investing in single-family real estate in 2005 with her business partner, Dan. She took a leadership role in managing all facets of the business, including property analysis, acquisition, rehab, property management, and resale of properties. Sharon, with her business partner Dan, started the transition to multifamily real estate in 2015 through initial education and investing passively in 18 properties in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and Ohio, totaling 3,507 units to date. She joined the Women’s Multifamily Mastermind in 2019, has been a personal mentoring student of Brad Sumrok since 2015, and co-founded Excalibre Investments of Texas of LLC with her partner Dan.

Over a 42-year career in production planning, scheduling, and management roles, Dan has been instrumental in the effective use of multiple Enterprise Resource Planning systems, including both implementation and enhancements for electrical, electronics, and aerospace and defense industries. In his current position as Principal Master Scheduler for Bell Helicopter-Textron, Dan serves as the Subject Matter Expert for planning and scheduling aircraft production and development programs across the company. Dan began investing in single family real estate in 2005.

Sharon and Dan Riddle are on a mission to help 100 families invest in at least 1 multifamily property within 12 months.


“I have known Dan and Sharon Riddle for 6 years as both friends and business partners. Their commitment to personal growth truly sets them apart, and they have gained incredible experience through their success as limited partners in many multifamily transactions. Dan and Sharon have a bright vision for their future and are committed to achieving their goals. They both are extremely well-connected in the multifamily investing world and have had coaching from the best there is. Their impeccable character, commitment to excellence, and broad multifamily experience will continue to help them reach their goals in the multifamily space.”
— Sarah May, Founder of Principal Regency Investment Group
“I’ve been working with Sharon and Dan Riddle for years now. They are very detail-oriented, and you can really see their passion for investing in multifamily assets.”
— Kenny Wolfe

Speaking Topics

What We Learned Going From Investing $100,000 To $225,000 A Year!

Join Sharon and Dan Riddle as they share their inspiring journey of going from investing $100,000 to $225,000 a year in multifamily real estate. This talk is perfect for couples who want to learn how to use real estate investing to increase their income. Sharon and Dan will reveal the key lessons they learned and the 8 steps to follow when investing in multifamily properties. Attendees will leave the session with a clear understanding of how to get started with multifamily investing and the strategies to scale their investments.

Multifamily Investing As A Strategy: You Can Do It Too!

In this keynote talk, Sharon and Dan Riddle will inspire and educate couples on how to achieve financial freedom and create generational wealth through multifamily investing. Drawing on their own experience, they will share the essential strategies and tools that have allowed them to build a successful multifamily real estate investment portfolio. Attendees will learn how to create a scalable investment strategy, generate passive income, minimize taxes, and build a legacy for their families. With practical advice and actionable steps, Sharon and Dan will show how multifamily investing can be a viable strategy for anyone looking to achieve financial independence.
Creating Long-Term Wealth Through Multifamily Investing
Sharon and Dan Riddle specialize in helping families create tax-efficient passive income streams and build generational wealth via multifamily real estate investments.

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