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About Shawn

Shawn Hart is a real estate investor, coach, and speaker. He started as a blue-collar worker in the construction field but was unsatisfied with the financial limitations that resulted from trading time for dollars. He then shifted his focus to real estate, where he spent over a decade buying and selling properties for profit. He has been able to enjoy success beyond his imagination and now wants to pay it forward.
Shawn is on a mission to help 200,000 blue-collar workers reach their financial goals, and live the retirement of their dreams.


“Since I met Shawn two years ago, he has been nothing short of an inspiration and a motivator of mine. The passion in which he speaks of real estate and other investing opportunities drives me to strive for and achieve higher goals within my own life.”
— Ryan Turgeon, Truck Driver/Investor
“Shawn is an incredible asset to have in your corner. When it comes to real estate, he knows where to look to get the best return on investment. He has truly turned himself into a very successful investor and is willing to share his trials and errors so that others can learn and grow with him.”
— Tommy Bohanon, Former NFL player
“Shawn Hart is by far the most confident real estate investor I have spoken with. With his knowledge, he is a force to be reckoned with. The dedication, care, and 9 years of experience in the real estate waves, Shawn is my go-to for anything real estate investing. Thank you for the mentoring, advice, support, and opportunities!!”
— Franchisee House Master Home Inspections

Speaking Topic

How To Use Real Estate To Secure Your Financial Future

Many blue-collar workers feel like they don’t have enough money to retire and fear they may outlive their savings. Moreover, they may think the only viable option for retirement is through the stock market or their 401k. In this talk, Shawn outlines how to invest and grow one’s hard-earned money in the simplest way through real estate investing. He will dive into the benefits of real estate investing, how to get started as a beginner, how to grow your investment, and pass on your wealth to future generations. Attendees will leave with a practical plan to secure their financial future.
Secure Your Financial Future Through Real Estate Investing
Shawn helps hard-working people utilize real estate investing to reach their financial goals, and enjoy peace of mind throughout retirement.

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