Si Liew

Founder of Si Liew LLC, Author, Speaker, Coach

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About Si

Si Liew is an author, transformational coach, international speaker, philanthropist, real estate investor – and self-made millionaire before age of 30. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree, and a Master of Business in Administration, and founder of her personal development company that teaches people to combine both art and science to create possibilities in their life.

She has been a healthcare practitioner, entrepreneur, and teacher for more than 20 years working with patients, professionals, entrepreneurs, and students from around the world. Her passion is to help people design their self-image that is also in harmony with their heartfelt desires. She blends modern science, world religions, philosophies, and the ancient spiritual in teaching self-healing techniques, health well-being restoring practices, and developing their true sense of identity.

Si also helps people build their businesses and dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer and more fulfilling lives. She has taught thousands of people to discover the truth of who they are and discover their full capabilities. Throughout the years of her clinical practices, she has witnessed countless clients spontaneously heal from diseases and return to perfect health and well-being – simply by understanding and learning how to work with their minds, and inner energy and recognizing their life signals.

As a sought-after transformational coach and professional speaker, Si offers inspiring workshops as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs committed to helping clients achieve new heights of success, fulfillment, and spiritual aliveness.
Si Liew is on a mission to inspire 1 Billion professional women to create a vision and transform their lives so they can achieve what they truly desire by 2032.


“Si is uplifting and inspirational. She has opened my eyes to so many possibilities in my life. The journey with Si has truly helped me build my confidence and feel more positive.”
— Sia
“Coaching with Si has changed my life. I have been playing the role of victim for many years and now I am able to move out from this state to take full responsibility of my life. I used to struggle with fears, anxiety and low confidence and now I experience a complete freedom knowing the life I live is in my hand.”
— Jill
“For ten years I have been wanting to live in a certain house in a special area of the city where I can be close to my family and not stuck in traffic to and from work. Within 60 days, I find the perfect condo with the view of eternity, skies, lakes, nature and within walking distance to work and family. It’s such a miracle. In the house I always wish! Can you believe? Yes of course you can.”
— Tanya
“I now am clear on what I want to do and have started doing it. Due to your guidance, I see the big picture of my life and I feel more confident and peaceful with what is happening. This training provided everything I need to live a life of greater meaning, love and peace. I have also offered a new job with better paid!”
— Vanessa

Speaking Topic

Become Unstoppable: 3 Strategies To Attract Infinite Possibilities

For professional, single, or divorced women with children who want to be happy again, but don’t know where to start. In her talk, Si helps women create a vision for their life, reframe their thinking to overcome their biggest fears, and shows them how to make that next big decision to become who they are truly meant to be. Audience members will walk away with greater clarity on their goals and dreams, feel more confident, and better handle fear.

Become Who You Are Truly Meant to Be
Helping women achieve new heights of success, fulfillment, and spiritual aliveness.

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