Sophia Van Brunt

Founder Of Survivor On Fire, Certified Freedom Life Coach

About Sophia

Sophia Van Brunt is the co-founder of Survivor On Fire and a Certified Freedom Life Coach. She is a survivor of trauma and cancer and has turned her personal challenges into a mission to help others heal and transform. She creates safe spaces for female Christian survivors to voice their fears and experiences with her empathic presence and spirit. Through Rise Up University, she equips these women to deliver authenticity and positively reframe their past pains into powerful narratives. Sophia Van Brunt is more than a coach: she is a confidant and guide, shifting the culture for Christ and helping women turn their trauma into triumph.

Sophia is on a mission to shift the culture for Christ through 100,000 survivor stories by 2030.


“Sophia and I met in a Christian life coaching certification course, and I watched her grow and evolve beautifully into a skilled, active group leader. In our sessions, she listened attentively, gave me the space to talk freely and openly, and asked thought-provoking questions. Sophia created a safe, comfortable atmosphere for group engagement and always offered insightful feedback and recommendations. By sharing her own compelling testimony, the group connected on a deeper level. Her ability to pinpoint the issue and communicate suggestions or alternatives effectively — all while being obedient to God’s Word — fostered the positive learning process for all of us.”

— Carrie Lynn Sobczak
“Sophia has a heart of gold, and it shows through every encounter with her. The soft, gentle, sweet sound of her voice makes it so easy to share your heart with her. In doing so, she is able to help you get to the root cause of your concerns. She then takes it a step further and provides assurance and tools that will help you work through your concerns step by step. Sophia is a gem, and she can and will be a great asset to your life.”
— Pam Dorsey, Author And Christian Life Coach

Speaking Topic

Triumph Over Trauma: 3 Pillars To Overcome Trauma and Reach Your Full Potential

Trauma survivors often struggle with painful, persistent memories that prevent them from moving forward and reaching their full potential. They feel stuck, hopeless, and unworthy. But there is a way out of this cycle of suffering! In this talk session, Sophia shows you a new perspective for overcoming personal trauma. She shares the key steps to healing and breaking free from the shackles of past pain, discovering your life purpose, and using your personal experiences as a strong foundation for the future. Attendees will learn how to build better relationships, view life differently, and nurture their self-confidence. They will also learn to break free from stagnation and finally experience joy and peace of mind.

From Pain To Purpose: Overcome Personal Trauma And Transform Your Life
Sophia has an empathetic soul and an invincible spirit that help her guide others in healing and transformation. She is on a mission to shift the culture for Christ through 100,000 survivor stories by 2030.

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