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About Stan

As a seasoned trial attorney, Stan has dedicated his career to aiding innovators and entrepreneurs in protecting and monetizing their ideas, transforming them into substantial assets for their businesses. Throughout his 30-year career he’s been victorious in dozens of trials, each one adding to his expertise in protecting rights and enhancing intellectual property value while avoiding costly trials and litigation.
Stan has honed a specific strategy that shields his clients’ ideas and intellectual property from theft, ensuring they truly own their envisioned assets. His approach provides early peace of mind, enabling clients to focus on business growth.
Stan is on a mission to help 10,000 innovators protect and achieve their dreams by 2028.


“Stan Gibson is a superb patent litigator. He possesses a rare combination of in-depth legal knowledge, an ability to command the attention of a jury, a no-nonsense demeanor before judges that earns him endearing respect, and a talent for being able to work with co-counsel in a cooperative and highly effective fashion. Most importantly, he is simply a really good and kind person.”
— Joe Kovarik, Intellectual Property Attorney
“Stan is one of the pre-eminent intellectual property trial lawyers in LA.”
— Robert P. Baker, Intellectual Property Attorney
“Stan is an incredible litigator and quickly spots opportunities that most others miss.”
— Sandeep Chatterjee, Innovator & Entrepreneur
“Over the last decade, I’ve been fortunate to go to trial with Stan on several patent cases. I’ve witnessed firsthand Stan’s ability to take complex, technical concepts, distill them to readily understandable terms without losing important technical details, and persuasively communicate them to a judge and jury. Not only is Stan a true warrior in the courtroom, but his cogent advice is equally valuable in a boardroom. I’ve seen Stan counsel numerous clients and successfully navigate them through difficult business and legal landmines. I would recommend Stan to anyone who wants to add value to their business, particularly those businesses dealing with sophisticated technology.”
— Gregory Cordrey, Patent Litigation Attorney

Speaking Topic

3 Strategies For Innovators And Entrepreneurs To Implement Now To Make Sure They Own Their Ideas

Innovators and entrepreneurs often have brilliant ideas, but they don’t know how to protect and profit from them. In this talk, Stan, a seasoned attorney, reveals the best strategies to secure and monetize your entrepreneurial ideas, turning them into priceless assets. You will learn the basics of intellectual property ownership, how to assign and transfer ownership, and how to use your assets to generate maximum value, ensuring your innovation stays safe from being stolen or copied. You will also gain peace of mind and boost your business growth with Stan’s tested protection methods. By attending this talk, you will get a complete IP health checkup, giving you clear steps to safeguard your ideas and intellectual property, enabling you to enhance your business’s value and confidently pursue your goals.
Helping Innovators Protect Their Ideas
Stan Gibson is a legal expert who has secured over a billion dollars of victories for hundreds of innovators and small business owners. His vision is to help 10,000 innovators safeguard and achieve their dreams by 2028.

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