Sterling Griffin

Founder And Key Principal At Sterling Capital, Healthcare Real Estate Developer And Investor

About Sterling

Sterling Griffin, founder and key principal at Sterling Capital, has been featured in Entrepreneur, Success, and Huffington Post. In his first two years of business Sterling went from homeless to millionaire, after which he discovered his passion for investing. In his first year of full-time investing, he bought $18.5 million in medical real estate and created a 200%+ return all with ONLY his own money. Today, he has acquired over $30 million in commercial real estate and helps other investors go from feeling anxious about their financial future with too little free time to growing their net worth passively, securely, and faster with off-market medical real estate so they can experience financial freedom and live life on their terms.
Sterling is now on a mission to help 1,000 families add $1 billion to their collective net worth by 2034.


“It has been a tremendous experience. Honestly, he’s one of the high-integrity guys, the one who will tell you the truth even if it doesn’t ‘need’ to be said and even if it’s good for you and not for him. That’s what you look for in this industry — and they are few and far between.”
— Taylor Welch, CEO Of Welch Equities
“It was the easiest and quickest experience I’ve ever had investing in real estate — and not to mention an incredible deal! I will be buying many more from Sterling!”
— Ryan Steenburgh, CEO Of Steenburgh Media

Speaking Topic

Unlocking The Potential Of Medical Real Estate: Achieve Financial Security And Accelerate Retirement

Real estate investors are often anxious about the future and want to have a competitive advantage in the market. They are looking for a way to secure their financial future and retire early while enjoying more free time and passive income. In his talk, Sterling reveals the secrets of off-market medical real estate deals, which are one of the most lucrative and stable investment opportunities in the industry. You will discover the benefits of investing in medical real estate, such as higher returns, lower risks, and recession-proof performance. You will also learn how to find and evaluate off-market medical real estate deals that are not available to the general public and how to negotiate and close them successfully. By the end of this talk, attendees will have the knowledge and confidence to pursue off-market medical real estate deals that will ensure their investment’s safety and growth and help them achieve financial independence faster.
Medical Real Estate Revolution:
Cracking The Code To Superior Returns And Building Fortunes
Scott invested $18.5 million in medical real estate in his first year as a full-time investor and generated a 200%+ return with his own capital. He is now on a mission to help 1,000 families increase their collective net worth by $1 billion by 2034.

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