Sue Stevens

Founder And Chef Of Door 2 Door Gourmet & The Crazy Bread Lady

About Sue

Sue Stevens, the founder and executive chef of Door 2 Door Gourmet, has connected busy professionals to the joys of family dinners for a decade. As a business owner, mother of two teenagers, and resilient fighter against multiple autoimmune diseases and cancer, her journey is marked by grit and commitment. Sue crafts thousands of nutritious meals for her clients, alleviating their dinner-time stress and promoting valuable moments around the table. She is more than just a chef: she advocates for the priceless bonds formed through shared meals.
Sue is on a mission to inspire one million people to reconnect with their families through healthy, delicious meals by 2033.


“My husband and I love your food! You have great-tasting, hearty, healthy options, and we don’t have to fight traffic because you deliver it to us.”
— Debbie S., Medical Relations Manager
“Don’t tell my mom, but your biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls are better than hers, and no one surpasses hers.”
— Billy C., President Of Telecommunications Equipment And Software
“My family loves your food and meal options. It’s so easy for my teenagers to put them into the oven and have them ready when we all get home. I love that you deliver!”
— Robbin A., School Teacher
“We love your bread! I don’t like store-bought and other health food store types, but I will eat yours any day!”
— Jen S., School Teacher

Speaking Topic

Mastering Quick And Nutritious Meals For On-the-Go Families

Balancing busy schedules and healthy eating can be a challenge for many families. How can you enjoy more quality time with your loved ones over delicious food without spending several hours per evening in the kitchen? In her talk, Sue shares her secrets to mastering quick and nutritious meals for on-the-go families. Attendees will discover how to plan and prepare an entire week’s worth of meals in just a few hours, how to make simple yet tasty dishes that everyone will love, and how to spice up your family dining experience with fun and creativity.
Bond With Your Loved Ones Over Wholesome, Comforting Meals
For 10 years, Sue has been helping thousands of families bond over the dinner table with wholesome, comforting food. Her vision is to empower one million people to reconnect with their loved ones through tasty, nutritious meals by 2033.

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