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Financial Advisor & Tax Strategist At Slaten Wealth Management, Speaker

About Susan

Susan Miller is a financial expert and the President of Slaten Wealth Management, a consulting firm that specializes in helping successful women. Susan loves helping find innovative solutions for multi-generational financial planning, retirement, and managing personal or aging parent’s assets. With a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®), Susan has a deep understanding of the importance of having a well-planned financial future. Her passion lies in empowering women who lead households by leveraging tax laws to minimize lifetime taxes and maximize resources for their loved ones. Having experienced the challenges of managing her parents’ estate as a trustee, Susan is driven to help her clients avoid similar struggles. She believes in crafting personalized solutions for each of her clients to ensure they can achieve their financial goals and live the life they desire.

Susan is on a mission to give 5,000 women and their families financial peace of mind by 2027.


“Thank you for your help and patience.”
Leslee Bowker-Andrew
“Thank you for your help and understanding in all this. You must possess never-ending patience.”
Tom Nelson

Speaking Topic

Don’t Sacrifice Your Future: How To Avoid Financial Pitfalls While Caring For Loved Ones

As a working parent, it can be overwhelming to juggle the responsibilities of caring for both children and aging parents, often leaving personal finances on the back burner. However, financial security should not be neglected. In her enlightening talk, Susan highlights three common pitfalls that can ruin your financial future and offers practical solutions to avoid them. She also shares strategies to achieve financial goals while still supporting loved ones without jeopardizing your retirement. Attendees will gain valuable insights on how to minimize taxes, increase income, and organize their finances to ensure peace of mind in their golden years.
Mastering Money, Taxes, And Retirement
Susan Miller’s expertise in tax and estate planning offers a comprehensive approach to minimize taxes, maximize wealth, and secure the future of your loved ones.

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