The Healer Of Hearts and Minds

Sylvia Silvers is the guiding light for women leaders seeking to overcome personal barriers and build unshakeable self-confidence and self-love. Her commitment to breaking the cycle of generational trauma promises a lasting impact on your attendees’ personal and professional lives.

Sylvia Silvers

Over the last decade, Sylvia has been a guiding star for many, fostering deep-rooted self-love and a sense of complete fulfillment. She is now on a mission to lead one million motivated women toward healing their hearts, liberating them from the cycles of generational trauma, and ensuring a tranquil mind and a thriving body by 2034.
Sylvia Silvers is an NLP Master Coach who is dedicated to empowering businesswomen and female CEOs trapped in the cycle of “having it all” yet feeling unfulfilled. Specializing in self-confidence and self-love through inner childhood trauma healing, she provides tools for overcoming fears and anxiety. Sylvia’s own journey of overcoming career-induced marital strain fuels her vision to help other success-oriented women achieve heart healing and self-love.
Sylvia is on a mission to inspire one million driven women to heal their hearts and break the cycle of generational trauma so that they can have a peaceful mind and healthy body by 2034.


“Thank you so much, Sylvia, for helping me raise my standard, for helping me see myself as an absolute beauty, and for also allowing me to demonstrate the kind of love and respect to myself that is so necessary.”
— Cynthia Day, Real Estate Broker
“Thank you for bringing back the fun and playfulness, and being able to talk about how we feel about each other, especially in our mid-60s. We appreciate you.”
— Dean And Lorraine
“What I love about Sylvia is her freshness, bubbliness, sense of humor, the way she is self-deprecating, and the way she laughs about everything. If you get to work with her, I hope that all of this — I know all of this — will rub off on you. You know, you’re the sum of the five people you hang out with. She is one of the five people I want to hang out with.”
— RoseAnn Higgins, 2023 Arizona Best Matchmaker

Speaking Topic

Goodbye Anxiety: 3 Powerful Ways To Embrace A Life Of Self-Love And Freedom

Anxiety is a relentless force that can grip our lives, leaving us feeling trapped and disconnected from our true selves. In her talk, Sylvia Silvers shares transformative strategies for addressing the root causes of stress and anxiety, fostering a deep sense of self-appreciation and love. Leaving this life-changing presentation, attendees will understand self-love’s essential role in combating anxiety; learn practical strategies for addressing inner childhood trauma and overcoming fears; and discover how to embrace a life filled with joy and fulfillment, free from the chains of anxiety.

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