Terra Harvell

CEO And Founder Of Harper Ellis Hair Co. And Harper Ellis Salon

About Terra

Terra Harvell, CEO of Harper Ellis Hair Company, is a multifaceted professional: an accomplished hairstylist, a successful entrepreneur, and a guiding mentor. With 13 years of hands-on industry experience, Terra transformed her seven-day, burnout-laden workweek into a thriving enterprise that yields over $400,000 from just four days of work each week. Today, she acts as a role model for hairstylists who juggle between multiple roles and grapple with burnout, unable to realize their dream income. Through her intensive Legacy Program, Terra helps them redefine their identity beyond just being hairdressers and empowers them to enhance their revenues by up to 500% within 90 days. Her transformative approach to the hairstyling business has been featured in esteemed platforms like Cosmopolitan and Allure magazines.
Terra is on a mission to help 500,000 hair stylists worldwide increase their income and ultimately build a legacy far beyond behind the chair by 2028.


“My favorite thing about going to class was seeing Terra. I enjoyed everything she had to say because she was so empowering and strong. I think it sets a precedent for women to arise and be bosses.”
— Shelby Parks, Hair Stylist
“Once I started stalking Terra’s Instagram, I knew I had to learn from her. Listening to her stories and testimonials made me realize that the quality of her services and knowledge was something I had to be a part of.”
— Margarita Doughtry, Hair Stylist
“Terra inspires me daily. I want to be her when I grow up! I love the businesswoman that she is and the life she lives because of it. I want to create an empire just as big as hers.”
— Bailey Spangler, Hair Stylist
“I’m so inspired by Terra’s success as a businesswoman. Seeing her success in an oversaturated industry inspires me and my entire team in a way that changes the energy in our salon every time we come home from a class with her. She’s definitely shown me that my goals are not crazy, and if I keep working towards them, I will achieve them.”
— Holly Stern, Hair Stylist

Speaking Topic

You’re Leaving Your Dream Income On The Table: 3 Steps To Go From Cutting Hair To Counting Cash

Hairstylists have the potential to earn more than they think, but they often leave money on the table. In this talk, Terra reveals three proven secrets on how hairstylists can increase their income while working fewer hours. Attendees will discover how to optimize their client relationships and use smart booking to reach their dream income, methods to create multiple income streams within the beauty industry, and a new mindset on seeing their hairstyling career as a profitable business opportunity.
Transform Your Income And Your Life As A Hair Stylist
Terra’s methods have transformed over 1,000 hair stylists’ income in just 90 days. Her mission is to educate 500,000 hair stylists worldwide and help them build a sustainable future beyond the chair by 2028.

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