Thania Trieu

Founder Of The True Learning Program, Empowering Female Leaders To Unleash Their Inner Superhero And Achieve Success

About Thania

Thania Trieu is a visionary entrepreneur and the Founder of the True Learning Program. With over two decades of experience in the beauty industry, Thania noticed a gap in personal development for women who were seeking fulfillment beyond their appearance. Through her research, she discovered that women needed to cultivate their inner selves to achieve true success. Since then, Thania has dedicated her career to empowering female leaders and entrepreneurs to embrace their fears, develop confidence, and take decisive action to achieve their goals. Her expertise in overcoming procrastination, increasing focus, and improving decision-making skills has enabled her clients to build successful businesses and create lives they love. With Thania’s guidance, women can unlock their full potential and transform their lives both inside and out.

Thania is on a mission to creatively inspire one million female leaders to embrace their unique talents and strengths, tap into their inner superheroes, and confidently step forward to create a meaningful impact by 2033.


“I have had the privilege of collaborating with Thania in the realm of coaching and public speaking, and she is an exceptional individual. Her drive and enthusiasm are remarkable, and she possesses a wealth of innovative ideas and programs. Thania has an innate ability to motivate and inspire people, whether speaking to a single person or addressing a large audience. I am continually impressed by her versatility and aptitude for profoundly impacting individuals and transforming their lives through her coaching and speaking.”
— Raj Kapur, MBA, President & CEO, Options Ahead Inc.
“Wow, Thania is amazing! Her guidance and expertise were invaluable. I highly recommend Thania’s services to anyone looking for professional and quality work. You should definitely let her help you the way she helped me.”
— Karendean Linton
“I just got done having a great session with Thania. I can’t believe how helpful she has been to me. She knows it all, and she does it perfectly. I just love what she’s done for me. Thank you!”
— Lynne Walker

Speaking Topics

Discover Your Inner Super Powers: 3 Ways To Overcome Fear

As a leader, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by fear and doubt, making it challenging to lead with confidence. But what if you could tap into your innate superpowers and overcome those fears to achieve your goals? Thania Trieu’s keynote presentation provides practical insights on how to identify the barriers holding you back and unleash your true potential. Drawing on her own inspiring journey, Thania inspires women to embrace their inner strength and lead with purpose, motivating not only themselves but also those around them, from colleagues to family and friends. Attendees will walk away knowing how to overcome self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty so that they can take action toward achieving their goals with greater confidence and purpose.

Unlock Your Inner Fire And Lead With Conviction And Impact

In a world where self-doubt and fear run rampant, it can be challenging to find the confidence needed to lead with conviction and make a significant impact. Thania Trieu’s talk empowers women to tap into their inner fire and unlock their true potential as leaders. With a focus on defeating feelings of inadequacy and unleashing their unique strengths, attendees will leave feeling inspired and ready to take on the world as their very own superhero. Attendees will walk away with clarity on who they are, who they are meant to become, how they can make an impact on those in their lives, and what the inner fire within them wants to do next.

Unleash Your Creative Potential: How To Empower Your Mind For Success

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, creativity is the driving force behind success. Thania Trieu’s keynote talk takes attendees on an empowering journey to unleash their inner creative genius. Through a series of insightful exercises, she helps them tap into their hidden potential, showing them how to break free from mental blocks and unleash their imagination. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of the crucial role creativity plays in empowering their minds, expanding their horizons, and driving personal and professional growth. With practical tips, participants will be equipped with the tools to tap into their creative potential, enhance their problem-solving skills, and approach challenges with a fresh perspective.
Empowering Female Leaders To Embrace Their Inner Superhero And Achieve Success
Thania Trieu empowers female entrepreneurs to conquer their fears, gain unbreakable confidence, and take decisive actions towards achieving their goals. Her mission is to inspire one million women leaders to embrace their unique talents, unleash their inner superheroes, and make a meaningful impact by 2033.

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