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Founder Of Movement Rx, Marine Corps Veteran, Author

About Theresa

Dr. Theresa Larson, or “Dr. T” as she is affectionately known, is a leading expert and advocate for wellness and strength in both personal and professional domains. As the founder of Movement Rx, a wellness company that helps individuals and organizations optimize their physical and mental health, she draws from her own experience as a former Marine Corps officer who overcame severe injuries and trauma. She is passionate about helping veteran-owned small businesses thrive in the face of challenges such as client attrition, employee retention, and scalability issues, which are often linked to compromised mental or physical well-being of leaders and employees. Movement Rx has been recognized with the Force for Good Award, a prestigious honor that reflects their unwavering commitment to promoting healthy leadership and organizational well-being.

Dr. T and her team are dedicated to building a community of veteran leaders who are resilient, healthy, and happy in all they do. Theresa is on a mission to cultivate 300 veteran business owners to boost collective revenue to over $1 billion by disrupting the outdated leadership culture and prioritizing health and well-being within their organizations by 2030.


“I attended Dr. Theresa Larson’s session last month and highly recommend it to all leaders of leaders. In my experience, servant leaders often put the well-being of their teams and their organization above their own, which is simply not sustainable in the long run. Dr. T delivered a compelling data-based prescription for a healthy mind and body that even super-busy leaders can adopt through incremental change – ‘Just get 1% better each day!’ Theresa taught several tenets of lifestyle modification that included moderate improvements to daily hydration, rest, diet, movement, self-mobilizations, and meditation that have been proven to yield healthier and happier leaders. I have applied several of Dr. T’s recommendations, and I’m feeling more energized at home and work.”

— Randy Judd, General Manager at a Fortune 100 Company, Former U.S. Army Ranger
“Since our engagement with MRx, the company has increased YOY revenues by over 20%! While I am proud of that number, what I’m most proud of is the company culture and how MRx is helping us take better care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically. Together, we are on a journey to reinvent the relationship between employer and employee. This road isn’t on the map, as far as I know, but every day we are getting closer to figuring out the destination. It’s exciting. We’re doing it one interaction at a time, one moment recognized, appreciated, or mitigated.”
— Geoffrey Bent, CEO of Hahn Mason, U.S. Navy Veteran

“You exceeded expectations. Your humility, transparency, and growth mindset allow both of you to be a change agent for so many others. It was a privilege to meet you.”

— Bradley Swim, Director of Education, Denver FBI
“I have NEVER seen a group of cynical stoic law enforcement officers so engaged. They were standing on the chairs in the back just so they could see and participate.”
— Theresa Orr, Police Officer, Virginia Beach

Speaking Topic

The Balanced Path To Success: 4 Tactics To Making Your Health Your Competitive Edge As A Leader

Unlocking the full potential of a veteran business hinges on an often-underestimated link: the correlation between personal well-being and professional excellence. Business leaders often neglect their physical and mental health, which can affect their performance, productivity, and happiness. In her talk, Dr. Theresa Larson will unpack four tangible strategies that any business leader can seamlessly integrate into their daily regimen, thereby uplifting both facets of their success quotient. Attendees will walk away with knowledge and techniques to achieve business success while simultaneously enhancing personal health and laying the foundation for a healthier future for themselves, their employees, and their families.

Become A Resilient, Healthy, And Happy Veteran Leader

Dr. T and her team have a vision of creating a community of veteran leaders who are resilient, healthy, and happy in all they do. Their goal is to empower 300 veteran business owners to generate over $1 billion in collective revenue by 2030 by disrupting the outdated leadership culture and prioritizing health and well-being within their organizations.

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