Todd Sanford

CEO Of Sanford Coaching, Pioneer In Business Growth

About Todd

Todd Sanford, the diligent CEO of Sanford Coaching, has a proven record of leading multiple successful and profitable businesses for over 30 years. With ventures stretching across diverse fields from real estate and construction to ranching, his efforts have turned each of his business pursuits into triumphs. Currently, Todd dedicates his expertise to aiding small businesses stalled at the growth crossroads or teetering on the brink of financial hardships. He employs a combination of common sense and strategic foresight to simplify business expansion and enhance profitability, guiding entrepreneurs to actualize their long-cherished dream businesses.

Todd is on a mission to empower 1,000 businesses to increase their income by at least 25% by 2033.


“Thank you for your words of wisdom, your heart, and your ears. You are a gift, and I can only imagine how many people you’ve helped in your life.”
— Sarah
“Todd is the genuine article. He’s the best!”
— David
“Thank you, Todd. You’re one of the strongest men I know. Yes you’re physically strong, but I’m talking about your vulnerability. I pray that men will see that as a strength and reach out to you.”
— Tammy

Speaking Topic

Profitable Blueprints: Top 3 Strategies For Thriving Business Success

Many business owners struggle to make their business profitable and sustainable in a competitive market. In this talk, Todd Sanford shares how to turn your business into a money-making machine by using what you already have and embracing new ideas. He also teaches you how to improve your efficiency, boost your income, and secure your future success. By attending this talk, you will learn three powerful strategies to enhance your business and financial skills, leading to a flourishing enterprise.

Helping 1,000 Businesses Achieve Income Growth By 2033

Todd started from scratch and created multiple successful businesses while working as a full-time firefighter. Now, his vision is to help 1,000 businesses boost their income by a minimum of 25% by 2033.

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