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“Turn Your Credit into an Asset”

About Todd

Todd is a successful loan officer, credit expert, and entrepreneur. After becoming a top producer in a brokerage, Todd ventured out on his own in 2007, just before the market imploded. While the beginning was tough, he made it through and became one of the top private money/hard money lenders in the area. Being the only loan officer in his company, he was able to reach an average of closing more than 15 loans per month.

While specializing in alternative mortgages, including hard money and other alternative lending options, Todd has experience with conventional mortgages too. Experiencing the market falling apart, going through bankruptcy and foreclosure himself, gave Todd a unique perspective in helping clients who have gone through tough times. He has an understanding and empathy that most loan officers and lenders never will. Todd is passionate about helping clients find the best solutions.


“I wish that school would teach real life lessons like this. What is credit, how does the thing work, how they judge you and how to get out from under that debt rock. Seriously, I have had some eye opening, aha, are you kidding me, and those sneaky (blanks) moments… The truth of how the game is played is not what I’ve been told, yes it is played like a game. The real numbers are not at all what the credit companies lead us to believe.”

— YM

“Very practical knowledge. Todd Wilson takes his many years of knowledge and experience in working with credit and loans and breaks it all down for you, answering the mysteries of the credit world — from giving you the basic understanding of what credit really is to what makes up your credit score and the best ways to go about building your credit and getting out of credit debt. This is knowledge for use. Knowledge no one else out there really teaches. And not knowing it can cost one a fortune. Thanks Todd!!”

—  TY

Speaking Topic

Taking Control of Your Credit: How to turn your credit into an asset, rather than a liability

There are currently about 80 million American adults who have credit that is considered fair or bad. There are an additional 45 million American adults who have no credit scores at all. Combine these and you have 125 million American adults with bad or no credit. That is over half of the adult population in the country.

There are 3 critical credit scoring factors that your audience needs to know and by understanding these fully they will walk away understanding the importance of their payment history, how to use credit to raise their scores, and how inquiries can help and hurt their credit score.

Todd will help your audience take control of their credit— to go from credit problems to credit being an asset.

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