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Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Of Tony D. Talks, Scaling Coach, Keynote Speaker

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Tony DiSilvestro is a seasoned entrepreneur, business consultant, and sought-after keynote speaker with over 30 years of experience. With 33 successful businesses under his belt, ranging from construction to SaaS companies and employing over 450 people, Tony is a true expert in his field.
As the founder of Tony D. Talks, he has helped numerous entrepreneurs, CEOs, and company founders grow and scale their businesses with his fast-acting foundational approach. His expertise has been recognized by Forbes, which has published his book and featured him as a respected expert on their website and blog.
Tony’s outstanding contributions have earned him the prestigious title of Entrepreneur of the Year by Distinction Magazine, and he was also awarded Best Concrete Houses in the World for 2020. He remains an active community member and is involved with the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and Virginia Beach Vision Board, an elite group of the top 125 business owners in the area. As a Virginia Beach local, Tony is committed to positively impacting his community and beyond.
Tony is on a mission to empower 100 million companies worldwide to redefine their businesses for exponential growth within 5 years.


“I have had a business and personal relationship with Tony for nearly 15 years. During this time, I have witnessed firsthand Tony’s commitment to all he does. From building a successful multi-unit business to developing others, he has a passion for leading and coaching others to be the best they can be. Due to these qualities, I invited him to be one of our first operator guest speakers at Grande’s National Sales meeting. As opportunities present themselves, we have continued to reach out to Tony to share his story with other Grande customers.”
— Joseph Profaci, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing, Grande Cheese
“Tony made me realize the potential and value I have as an entrepreneur. If it weren’t for his great feedback and inspiration, I would not have thought of expanding my business. He has been very patient with me, and I needed that because of my personality. That just goes to show that he can work with anybody. His encouragement and constant direction using the three pillars in my business model made me think differently and redesign my marketing strategy. My client book is full, and there is a waitlist three months into the future!”
— Melissa Harrington, Entrepreneur and Massage Therapist, Nirvana
“Tony joined our all-sales team meeting of 175 salespeople at the PNC Arena to share his thoughts about the impact we have on helping our customers create game-changing experiences for their customers. It was high energy and fun! By sharing his real-life experiences, he conveyed his messages with authenticity and passion. The team the next day was still talking about what Tony shared with them and the lessons taught. I know our team thinks differently after being part of this experience. Thank you, Tony, for your commitment to growing our business people and our business!”
— Deanna Brewer, Vice President, Local Sales, Raleigh, NC
“Tony has an energetic edge and a dynamic array of experience that compels the audience into action-oriented learning. He recalibrates fixed mindsets with his opportunistic lens on problems and teaches business scaling mechanisms that are non-traditional and transformational for business scaling strategies.”
— Tamra Andress, Conference Host

Note To Meeting Planners


Tony DiSilvestro is a prolific entrepreneur, business consultant, and keynote speaker who has launched and grown 33 businesses in diverse fields. He is the founder of Tony D. Talks, a platform that helps entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders boost their businesses with his effective foundational approach. He will help your audience learn how to transform their businesses for exponential growth in any niche.

Speaking Topics

The Business Scaling Blueprint: How To Re-Grow Your Business By Implementing The Key Fundamentals Most Overlook

In the daily hustle and bustle of running a business, many entrepreneurs find themselves trapped and unable to focus on scaling their businesses. In this enlightening talk, Tony shares essential tactics that can help business owners streamline their operations and achieve growth. Attendees will discover how to optimize their businesses through brand purpose, delegation, and a novel approach to investment, enabling them to return to their businesses with a renewed sense of direction to start scaling right away.

How Being A “Business Owner” Is Holding You Back From Growth; Your Stuck, And Here’s How To Fix That

Business owners often struggle to take their success to the next level, many times feeling stuck in the day-to-day operations and unable to delegate effectively. If this sounds like you, then Tony’s talk is a must-attend. He will reveal how to overcome the number one constraint to business growth and provide transformational strategies for creating a new business blueprint that doesn’t rely solely on your input. Tony will also explore the key differences between being a business owner and an entrepreneur and how this distinction can impact your growth potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to rebuild, regenerate, and revitalize both your business and yourself!

Redefining Your Brand, Vision, And Company Name To Achieve Ultimate Success Without Complicated Processes

In this talk, Tony will guide the audience on a journey back to the first day they started their business. He will help them gain a new perspective on the critical components that make their business unique and extraordinary. By looking back and re-evaluating these key pillars, attendees will be equipped with the building blocks necessary to scale their businesses and breathe new life into them. They will leave with a fresh perspective and actionable insights that they can implement immediately.
Tony DiSilvestro provides business owners with his time-tested blueprint to scale their businesses, generate more revenue, and give them more time freedom.

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