Tracy Gunn

Founder Of Get Exitable, Consultant, Speaker

About Tracy

Tracy Gunn is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder of Get Exitable, a company specializing in helping business owners exit their businesses on their own terms. Drawing from her personal experience of transforming her “unsellable” restaurant into an attractive acquisition in just 3 months, Tracy works with clients who are looking to exit their businesses due to a loss of passion, retirement, or the desire to pursue new opportunities. With her guidance, clients develop tailored exit strategies that not only make their businesses sellable but also transferable and highly desirable to potential buyers.

Tracy is on a mission to help 1 million small business owners develop and implement Exit Strategies by 2028. 


“I just couldn’t see a way out other than to liquidate. The Get Exitable program gave me the roadmap I needed, and now, I have a management team in building value.” 

— Jim, BUSINESS Owner

“My business had been listed with a broker for months ,and I had zero interest. Tracy & her team got me an offer within a week and for 10% more than the broker said it was worth.”

— Sarah, business Owner

“Our grocery stores provided a community service, and I just couldn’t walk away from our customers without handing it over to someone who cared. The team helped me find the right buyer.” 

— michael, business Owner

“To sell an events business is a challenge… but the team at Exitable know their stuff and told me exactly what I needed to do and helped my team make it happen.” 

— Norman, business Owner

Speaking Topics

The three moves that helped me land a buyer in just 3 months

Many business owners dream of one day selling their businesses, but the reality is that only 1 in 10 actually do sell.  Only 1 in 10! In this engaging keynote, Tracy Gunn reveals common misconceptions that business owners have that block them from achieving a profitable exit. Attendees will learn common misconceptions, three moves to be the one that sells, and a simple exercise to help them get started.Tracy’s proven strategies will inspire and empower business owners to take the necessary steps to ensure they have a successful exit from their businesses on their own terms. 

The Shocking Truth About Selling Your Business: What You Don’t Know May Hurt You

As a business owner, you might think that selling your business is an easy process, but the truth is that without a proper exit strategy, you could end up losing out big time. In this insightful keynote talk, Tracy Gunn uncovers the uncomfortable realities of selling a business and provides attendees with the tools they need to succeed. Audience members will walk away knowing how to go through the valuation process, how to create an exit strategy, and how to improve their business value and odds of selling.

From Unsellable To Desirable: How To Make Your Business Irresistible To Buyers

Retiring and selling your business for a huge profit is a dream that many entrepreneurs share. But how do you turn this dream into a reality? In this keynote talk, Tracy Gunn shares her signature process for creating an enticing sale of your business. Attendees will discover the 3 secrets to ensuring a successful sale, including how to go through the valuation process, how to create an exit strategy, and how to improve their business value and odds of selling. 

Maximizing Your Business Potential: Unlocking The Secret To A Profitable Exit

After transforming her own “unsellable” restaurant into an attractive acquisition, Tracy Gunn aims to empower one million small business owners with a compelling exit strategy that renders their businesses sellable and transferable.v

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