Tressa Mitchener

International Best-Selling Author, Life Coach, Podcast Host

About Tressa

Tressa Mitchener, CEO of Revamp Inc., turned her life from rock bottom to inspiring success. Over the past ten years, she’s helped thousands of women overcome personal challenges and self-doubt. Featured on CBN-700 Club, Tressa empowers women struggling with inadequacy, insecurity, and past traumas.
By fostering self-awareness, healing, and forgiveness, Tressa guides them toward fulfilled lives. She aims to help women recognize their God-given worth and shine their unique light.
Tressa is on a mission to help one million women overcome their struggles and build a life of confidence and fulfillment.


“There is always a way when you believe. I believe in Tressa and her gift to enlighten the world.”
— Peggy McColl, Ten-Time New York Times Best-Selling Author
“Tressa’s insight gained from the Bible led to a remarkable transformation and a life of abundance and freedom.”
— Judy O’Beirn, International Best-Seller
“Tressa’s life of personal transformation is a miracle. She’s living proof that no matter what we may be enduring in life, we are never alone.”
— Danielle Martins, Branding Strategist
“Tressa, God is truly using you for His purpose.”
— Annette Lindsey

Speaking Topics

Rediscover The Joy Of Life: Embrace Self-Love And Confidence

Women often face the challenge of overcoming self-doubt and fear that prevents them from living their full potential. In her talk, Tressa shows attendees how to face and heal these wounds and embrace their true worth. They will learn to cultivate self-love, practice forgiveness, and use positive affirmations to boost their confidence. By doing so, they will discover the joy of life that awaits them and achieve the happiness and success they deserve.

Crafting Reality Through Words: The Power Of Positive Affirmations

Many women suffer from negative self-talk, which undermines their confidence and sense of self-worth. In her talk, Tressa helps attendees change their inner dialogue and create a new reality with positive affirmations. Participants will discover how to embrace their unique gifts and talents and overcome the barriers of self-doubt. By using the power of words, attendees will craft their own stories of success and happiness, believing they are worthy and valuable.
Live The Life You Deserve
Tressa Mitchener is a renowned expert in psychology, faith, and coaching, who has authored best-selling books and delivered powerful speeches. Her vision is to empower one million women to break free from their challenges and live a life of joy and purpose.

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