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We’re so glad you’re here and part of our Stages On Demand program!
On the first Tuesday of every month, you’ll have the chance to be coached by the one and only Pete Vargas on our unique and powerful Lunch & Stages Call.
On this page are resources to go through before those calls so you can have the most powerful experience. It is designed so that you should go through these sections in order, but you can click on any link below to jump to your preferred section:

We are beyond excited to see and hear about the stages you will win with Stages On Demand!


Intro To Stages On Demand

Watch this quick introduction from Pete on Lunch & Stages and what this is all about.


How To Find Your Champions

What is the quickest and most efficient way to win you stages? Your champions! Watch this video from Pete on who your champions are, how to find them, and how to start winning stages with their help.


How To Do Cold Research

Cold research can feel daunting or useless. However, there is a way to do it effectively and efficiently. Click on the link below to watch how Pete goes about turning what can be a tedious task into a powerful tool to win you stages!


How To Track Your Stages

Watch this video on how to use our proprietary Stages Tracking Spreadsheet. You’ll learn to organize the information you need so that you are prepared to reach out to meeting planners.

Get your own copy of our tracking sheet template by clicking on the link below


What To Prepare Before Your First Lunch & Stages Call

Before your Lunch & Stages Call, we’d love for you to research 10 stages on your own. The resources on this page will have provided you with enough information to get started. Don’t worry about it being perfect, worry about not having anything to show for what you’ve learned.

Moving quickly is one of the big values that will serve you well in winning you 10 times the stages you did before. And if you move quickly using these resources, on our Lunch & Stages Call, you’ll be refining and mastering the process instead of learning the basics!

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